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Yoga for beginners

Yoga for beginners

I absolutely adore teaching my yoga for beginners courses, we learn the foundations of yoga and work from the ground up to create a solid yoga practice. My desire is to give you the confidence to walk into any yoga class in the world with confidence. It is a 6 week course that you can repeat as many times as you wish, until you feel truly confident, however, I know everything that we do over the 6 weeks will set you up for a full all levels class. Each class is 45 minutes long, an example of wheat we cover:

WK 1-  Breath & Sun Salutation - We learn the Ujjayi Breath and the basic sun salutation postures and flow.

WK 2 - Sun Salutation A & B, side angle pose & triangle pose.

WK 3 - Foundations of balance and tree pose.

WK 4 - Move with grace, we work with the postures that we have learnt WK1-3 refining our transitions to              develop strength and grace.

WK 5 - Arm balance - we introduce the mother of all arm balances into our practice, a fun playful class.

WK 6 - Hip opening practice - we will work with our hips to create freedom in our bodies, heart and mind.


GRADUATION! Once the 6 weeks are up, you can repeat repeat repeat or come and join me in my all levels classes, safe in the knowledge you have a fantastic foundation to develop and grow from. 

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