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Jan 7, 2024 - Mar 31, 2024


  • 85Days
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12 WEEKS TO DISCOVER YOUR YOGA BODY AND YOGA MIND Each week will consist of: 2 x 60 min themed yoga practices 1 x 30 min sculpt yoga practice 1 x breathwork practice - varying lengths 1 x meditation practice - varying lengths Opportunity for self enquiry There will be a philosophical theme running through each week to create familiarity, awareness and connection. The 12 weeks will be split into 3 week blocks as per the below: Block 1 Connect with your body WK 1 - Back WK 2 - Hips WK 3 - Hamstrings WK 4 - Shoulders Block 2 Master your yoga WK 1 - Twists WK 2 - Forward Folds WK 3 - Back Bends WK 4 - Arm Balances Block 3 The Power of The Elements WK 1 - Earth WK 2 - Air WK 3 - Water WK 4 - Fire I will be here for all of the support you need, however, if you require direct mentoring we can arrange that for an additional fee, I would recommend this if you want to see the most profound mental and physical shifts, we will go beyond yoga and get deep into you to create shifts. I have worked as a mentor with people and things come up that they do not expect, once we shift and break patterns a new version of you unfolds.

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