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What is Chromatic Yoga?

Created by Matt Giordano, Chromatic Yoga is a systematic approach to teaching that provides a highly intentional and well structured experience for students to cultivate awareness of their body and mind. Authenticity is our highest core value for the sake of cultivating a supportive and empowered community - taken from the Chromatic yoga website


What does that actually mean?

Chromatic Teachers provide you with a step by step path toward a peak postures and/or philisophical teaching. To set you up with success Chromatic class’s include either a physical or thematic “through-line” which provides you with the highest level of learning and integration - taken from the Chromatic yoga  website.


What does it mean for you?

When you come to one of my classes I will lead you towards a peak pose, we will breakdown different elements of the chosen peak pose.

We will perform the actions required to get the best out of your body in the peak pose, we will strengthen the muscles that are required to be strong and we will lengthen the muscles that are required to be flexible and we will put it all together for the last few moments of the class, there is NEVER any pressure to achieve the final pose, it is only ever 60 seconds of a 60 min class. The emphasis of the class is getting to know your body and building intelligence in your muscular sytem.

It is a system that will enable you to get the most our of your body in an effective and efficient way.

There will be sprinklings of relatable yogic philosophy woven through my classes. I aim to make it all tangible to you, it won't make you wonder 'what the hell is she talking about?'...more 'oh wow, I never thought of it like that'. With me, you will have AHA moments in your body and your mind!

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