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Today in the SCULPT class we're going to be working on astavakrasana (8 angled pose). This is one of the trickier postures we have worked with so far, but we're at a point over the last 5 weeks where we can approach it with confidence.

To get into our best possible version of this pose, throughout the class we are going to work on 2 key components / actions.

Firstly we're going to become familiar with internally rotating our thighs / thighs spiralling inwards.

Secondly, we're going to work with the wrist flexors by gripping our fingers into the earth to create stability in our arm balance!

This pose requires strength in our arms, hip flexors and abdominals and flexibility in our hamstrings, back and outer hips (ABductors).

Throughout the class we will strengthen the muscles that need to be strong and stretch the muscles that we require to be flexible.

My classes are well planned and prepared to give you, the yogi, the greatest understanding of your body and how to move it.

I offer variations of poses so that you, the yogi, can experience them at a level that feels good and empowering to you.

It is my greatest intention that you develop awareness in your body to allow you to become the pilot of your body and not just a passenger, over time, unintentionally we completely lose touch with our body and just exist in it.

My classes allow you to explore what you can actually do in this unique gift you've been given to walk this beautiful earth with. Your body is unique to you and we all have different levels of understanding of how to get the most out of it. Every time you step onto your mat with me, I give you the tools to gain a deeper understanding this wonderful instrument you live in and invite you to step into your highest potential!

Let's make feeling good NORMAL!

Ps. I'm fully clothed in this shot!

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