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Let me introduce myself

Maybe it's time to introduce myself to all of you new guys who have started following my page lately!

Who am I?

I'm Andreana and I live in Westhoughton, Bolton, an evolving little town in North West England with my 2 sons and Dave my partner. I'm 44 and proud to be this age, I'm fully stepping into my power as a woman!

I have a couple of gorgeous boys, 13 & 8. Yes I have 2 kids with 2 dads because life didn't exactly work out as planned, but I would not change a single thing that has lead me to this moment right now, I see it as the rich tapestry of my life.

I am a payroll manager in a recruitment agency that specialises in construction, I love my job, I work hybrid, a couple of days in the office and the rest from home is the perfect combination. When I work from home I sit in complete silence and I adore it!

I love to go out and have a good time with friends (some times too good 👆🏻 see pic) and I love to walk in the beautiful countryside we have on our doorstep and I love to just hang with my boys, mainly being a taxi driver to football and jujitsu!

I'm just trying to establish myself as a yoga teacher in Bolton after teaching online for 3 years. I'm absolutely loving coming out from behind the screen and being in the room with people.

I'm excited to grow this part of my life and I have finally got a vision of where I want to take it, it's taken me a while to get to a point where I have this vision, but now I have it, it's equally exciting and scary because it's a BIG VISION!

I'm learning how to market myself and what I have to offer and this is most definitely the hardest part. Building a website, setting up courses, writing emails, creating bookings, writing Facebook posts, posting on stories all takes a lot of effort for me. My grammar isn't great but I try my hardest to make everything readable.

I share my life in my classes to help make ancient yogic philosophy relatable and relevant. I love to storytell in my classes, so if you want more than just movement, I'm probably a good choice of teacher for you!

I have the deepest desire to teach yoga and share this beautiful gift, I desire to give you everything that it had given to me, wholeheartedly!

I do not take the role of yoga teacher lightly, it to me is an absolute honor every time a new person walks through the door to entrust me with their mind and body, it is more of an honour every time they walk back through the door. Trust me every time I get a booking for any class I have a little dance inside, both for me and for them!

The greatest compliment I got recently was that everyone in my classes are so lovely, this to me is the best, they say you attract your tribe and I love every one of my yogis both online and in person.

I'm 500 hours plus trained yoga teacher and teacher training mentor for my yoga teachers trainees, which is the greatest honour, he is an internationally renowned yoga teacher and to be asked to be part of his team is such a gift.

I am excited to continue to grow with you class by class, post by post.

I am yoga student first and teacher second, I will continue to share my journey as I grow.

Thank you for being here!

See you soon!


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