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Meet two of the biggest influences in my life and how they're potentially yours too!

Let me introduce this beautiful pair. They're two of the biggest influences I've had in my life, and I am so honoured to have them by my side. Matt & Rebecca.

They have literally changed my life.

If you've ever told me, I've changed your life, it's because of these guys. They're where my ripple starts.

I took a chance yoga class over 10 years ago in NYC with Matt during the start of a horrendous time for me, and that class stays with me forever.

Because of this chance class, with some wonderful twists, I have just been able to spend the weekend with them.

Since June 2020 I haven taken virtually every online monthly immersion, his 200hr teacher training, his 300hr teacher training and I am now honoured to mentor for him. As a result I am a far greater person, I am a great yoga teacher with the greatest depth of knowledge and understanding. I am empowered and have a love for my body I never thought possible, he and yoga have taught me how to love, honour and respect myself and I, in turn, teach from this place to empower my students to develop this relationship with themselves.

I have taken courses with Rebecca, had mentoring sessions and flowed with her online since Aug 2020, she has taught me how to move my body in a way I never thought possible, she has empowered me in so many ways and she has enriched my mind with her beautiful golden nuggets of information, if I've taught you how to move in ways that make you feel sexy and empowered it's because of this powerhouse of a woman. Yesterday I experienced one of the hardest things I've ever done, standing in front of her and leading a flow after the most intense 2 days of Inside Flow training!

This weekend I have been touched by their generosity of spirit and feel honoured to call them my teachers and my friends. I am grateful to have them in my life and can't wait to continue this beautiful journey with them.

The one and only @theyogimatt and the beautiful @dancinbecka

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Andreana, just read your post about your weekend in Connecticut. It sounds like you had THE most amazing time. Nourishing your body, heart and soul and taking your Yogic journey to the next level. Hold onto that feeling!!

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