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We are a work in progress...

Well well well!

Let's have a look at this!

It was first brought to my attention that I was very uneven through my back and shoulders when I did a sports massage course back in 2018. I was horrified when I saw my back (the first picture isn't even the one that horrified me).

You can see my right scapular area (wing) on the first picture is huge compared to my left. You can also see that my right shoulder is lower than the left.

If you've ever done a yoga class with me, we talk about our posture and how we can reverse the patterns we've created in our bodies over the years, now I hope you have the visual aid and reassurance to go with it.

You can reverse the daily patterns you've created in your body, your body makes life easy for you and doesn't use all of your muscles effectively, it will do the least possible work with the least effort to keep you functioning.

You have the power to develop strength and change your body.

Now this has been a 5 year journey, out of the blue I asked Xander to take a picture of my back the other day and we were both blown away with the first picture. His response was rather cute, he was very impressed at the new picture!

Why the change? I stopped running and dedicated myself to my yoga mat and walking.

We are a work in progress IF you are aware of what you're creating, we're a work in regress if we're ignorant to our bodies.

If you want to become more aware and appreciative of your body, come and see what it's all about!

A new online immersion is being released next week and live in person classes will be launched soon too! I'll keep you updated!

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